Susie and Anthony came to me needing help with a complicated mortgage scenario. Anthony had done something very brave in the line of duty as a police officer. His courageous act made it difficult for him to work but he stayed very strong and maintained all of his financial responsibilities. His work history however had many gaps due to his very special circumstances. I knew two things right away, this was going to take a great deal of work and that Anthony was a person who deserved my teams full efforts. The process on a mortgage like Susie and Anthony’s requires a huge amount of team work and communication. We kept everyone on the same page and moving past any “can’t do its” that we ran into along the path. The result was so very worth the effort as the Majusiak’s have their new home and Anthony’s Harley is safely tucked in the garage! I couldn’t have done it without my tireless team at The Mortgage Firm Melbourne and the patient determination of Susie and Anthony. I love it when the good guys win!


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